PLATINUM OralClean+Care

Dental care for cats and dogs

All natural dental care in PLATINUM quality for dogs and cats

  • removes tartar
  • alleviates gum inflammation
  • fights bad breath

Strong results. Easy to use.

The efficient cleaning effect of OralClean+Care is based on a special recipe of high-quality citrus seed extracts and herb oils.

All ingredients are completely safe from the health point of view – even if swallowed accidentally. In terms of food regulations, they are permitted for human consumption.

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The Clean+Care mode

Tartar removal

The Clean mode:
OralClean+Care fights bacteria and cleans teeth by gradually softening tartar and dissolving it off the surface of the tooth.

The Care mode:
OralClean+Care protects the teeth and prevents the build-up of plaque.

If applied correctly, this treatment is guaranteed to be a success. Just don’t forget to:

  • give the recommended dose twice a day, and
  • do not allow your pet to eat or drink shortly before and at least 10 minutes after the treatment.

After 3 to 8 weeks, tartar is normally eliminated.* If the product is applied in time, it can even prevent tartar from forming in the first place.

Please note:

  • OralClean+Care cannot be used to remove patches of discolouration!
  • After 1 to 2 weeks the tartar can occur swollen. This can develop from the softening and is a normal process that will form back after some days.

*Please note that the duration of treatment can extend due to several circumstances like amount of tartar, age, breed and individual predisposition of the dog.


What our customers say:

Feedback S. M.

Your dental care gel is really great. I was quite sceptical but after about one week with a bit of scratching, the tartar removed on one side. The other side was more stubborn, but I am very optimistic that it will work on this side, too. With this we can save our 9 years old girl from an anesthesia. I am really impressed!

Feedback from Carmen N.

We were very sceptical, but thought we'd give it a try. We've been treating Kuni with Oral Clean+Care for two months now and are really impressed by the results.

Feedback from M. Z.

Our dog is 4 years old and doesn't like to chew.

Because of this a lot of tartar occured.

It was black and yellow in some parts. Of course, it also smelled pretty much from the muzzle. And you don't want to do an anesthesia to your dog to remove the tartar.

The vet said that it would be possible to remove the tartar if there is an surgery and the dog would need an anesthesia anyway. I've used ORALCLEAN+CARE for three weeks. The dog trainer told me to remove the plaque from the teeth.

That was my "aha-experience"!

My dog (10 years old) was supposed to get a surgery because of the tartar. The whole gum was already inflamed. Thanks to a friend that I got the OralClean+Care gel from, it is not necessary anymore. I was in doubt, if it would work. But after about 1 week my dog had no more bad breath, after 2 weeks most of the tartar removed while chewing on a bone. And today (after 3 weeks) I have this outcome. I'm sending you the picture. I really recommend the PLATINUM dental care, even if the price is high. But 40 € for the gel than about 200 € for a surgery.

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