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Frequently asked questions about PLATINUM care

Here you will find answers to questions that have been asked of our customer service team and practical tips on using OralClean+Care.


How long does the treatment last?
The length of the treatment is determined by the following criteria, among others: breed, weight, consistency of the plaque, nature, genetic predisposition, nutrition. Specifying one period is difficult because of these numerous factors. With proper, regular application (important: 2 x daily, as otherwise the plaque hardens again), in our experience it takes 2 to 6 weeks to remove the plaque, longer in individual cases.
The product is 100 % guaranteed to work; if you cannot see any change in the plaque after 3 weeks, please get in touch with us by phone on the free hotline 0800 3 64 36 63 (0800 DOGFOOD).

The dog does not like the product.
Dogs can be like children in this respect. They do not like to have their teeth cared for. Try to stick with it, because the only alternative to OralClean+Care is mechanical plaque removal under anaesthetic.

Is there any acid in OralClean+Care?
No, it only contains citrus seed extracts and herb oils. The difference lies in the effect: the oil is nourishing, prevents infection and softens the plaque in the long term. Acid would attack not only the plaque but also the teeth and dental enamel.

How high is the alcohol content?
The proportion of alcohol, measured against the dose per application, is so small that there is no risk to the dog or cat. As a result, the product can even be given to sick animals without any reservations. Some alcohol is necessary as it serves as the carrier for the active ingredients. However, the proportion is identical with or lower than that in liquid medication that is suitable for children.

Does the product also work for tooth discolouration?
No, since OralClean+Care is not a bleaching agent and contains no acids, it has no effect on discolouration. However, that means that it does not attack tooth enamel and has a very gentle effect.

Will it react with homeopathic medicines?
Yes, since the product contains herb oils such as mint, homeopathic vets have recommended checking before using the product in conjunction with homeopathic treatments. It can happen that the effect of the homeopathic treatment is prevented. Please ask us about this specifically on the free hotline 0800 3 64 36 63 (0800 DOGFOOD).

I have trouble giving it to my cat.
If your cat does not lick the gel off its paw, you can try putting some gel on its whiskers or the corner of its mouth when you try again.
Alternatively, find a food that your cat particularly enjoys – salmon paste, for example, shrimps, catmint, cod liver or something similar – and mix the OralClean+Care with it. Using it in this way takes a little longer before it begins to take effect, but it works just as well. Please give the product and your cat a chance for it to work.

What is the difference between OralClean+Care Classic and Salmon Oil?
OralClean+Care Salmon Oil contains additional salmon oil, has a somewhat milder taste than the Classic, and many animals prefer it.

Should I buy spray or gel?
That depends entirely on you and your animal. Spray has the advantage that it can be applied more quickly and the dosage can be controlled more easily by the spray action. But not every animal likes the noise of the spray and the animal can react by shaking its head, which makes application difficult. The gel is easy to use and adheres well to the plaque. Unlike the spray, however, you have to wash your hands when you have applied it.

The gel is difficult to get out of the bottle.
Please keep the bottle upside down.

The gel always slips off my finger.
Put the gel in the fridge, which changes the consistency and makes it less runny. If you then also keep the gel upside down, it is easier to empty the bottle completely.

My dog swallows the gel – is that dangerous?
No, since OralClean+Care only contains purely natural ingredients, it is completely harmless to the system of your dog or cat and can be used without any concerns.