New Year’s Eve fireworks - hints to work against dogs’ anxieties and panic

New Year’s Eve fireworks – Some hints to work against dogs’ anxieties and panic

The old year is nearly over and of course the turn of the year is approaching with the usual fireworks. Not every dog is able to bear the unusual and loud noises: A problem well known to many dog owners! For that reason (even if this item does not concern nourishment) we would like to share some advice on how to make the turn of the year with your dog as pleasant as possible:

  • First of all: stay calm!
  • Don’t comfort your dog! The dog will be confirmed in its anxieties.
  • If the dog is looking for body contact it should definitely be allowed. Calm stroking or just gentle holding ensures the feeling of not being alone with their anxiety. If the dog prefers to retreat, a dimmed box or another option for hiding should be offered.
  • Praise desirable behaviour: If the dog shows signs of tranquillity reward it, for example with its favourite snacks.
  • Ear plugs for dog can be helpful but the dog should get used to them before.
  • In consultation with a vet sedatives are appropriate. Herbal tranquilizer such as valerian syrup should be preferred. Chemical sedatives could have side effects like circulation problems. Your vet will find the best treatment for your dog.
  • Don’t let your dog off-leash and also don’t let them go outside on their own. It should also be considered that there could be banging in the afternoon. Anxious dogs could run away in fear.
  • Sound CD’s are good for desensitisation and should be played aloud some weeks before the event.
  • Tranquilising pheromones as spray, electric vaporiser or collars show good results and normally are without side effects.
  • Thundershirt: t-shirt made of solid and semi-elastic fabric, which places consistent and calming pressure on chest and back.
  • Darken the windows so that the dog can’t see the flashes. Keep windows and doors close and switch on telly or put on music in the background. This will muffle the bang and whoosh sounds. Percussion music is appropriate to cover the banging sounds constantly. It should be played some days before to familiarize the dog with the rhythm.
  • Provide a favourite chewing snack which hadn’t been given to the dog for a long time and which would engage the dog and take its mind off the noise.


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