The PLATINUM benefit

The PLATINUM benefit

Only the best for our dogs: Wet dog food of PLATINUM quality!

For this reason, we pay particular attention to the foodstuffs that are processed for our premium-quality pet food, and deliberately take a different approach:

We do not add water when preparing our PLATINUM MENU – our wholesome wet food is cooked exclusively in its own juice!

This process is not only particularly gentle but it also guarantees that the nutrients which are crucial for dogs remain natural and undiluted.

All this ensures that our wet dog food is highly digestible.

Conventional wet food

By adding water or meat broth diluted with water, conventional wet food contains a high level of moisture, although its nutritional value has literally been watered down.


No water, just its own juices: more nutrients

No water, just its own juices: more nutrients


Less is more!

Nutritional value is the key factor – and this is particularly high with PLATINUM MENU.

In addition to outstandingly easy-to-digest ingredients, PLATINUM MENU contains a natural amount of moisture, that is made up exclusively from the own juices of fresh meat/fresh fish.

In contrast to many other manufacturers whose wet food is made of up to 80 % (devoid of any nutrients) water, we do without the artificial addition of water! That is why PLATINUM MENU is extremely rich thanks to the highly digestible and undiluted nutrients:

In practice this means:

Every 375 gram pack of PLATINUM MENU is equivalent in nutritional value to a 800 gram tin of traditional wet food. So your dog needs significantly less!



No water (like in conventional wet dog food), just its own juices = more nutrients & more flavour!


Less expensive compared to conventional wet food

By comparing the daily costs based on the feeding guidelines, it is clear:

Daily feeding amount PLATINUM MENU




Daily feeding amount conventional wet food


What that means for your dog

You will notice these benefits just a few weeks after you start feeding your dog with PLATINUM:

  • A happier life
    The ease of digestion takes care of this – the liver, kidneys and skin are not put under strain by ingredients that are of no benefit.
  • Greater muscle mass
    The high-quality proteins from the fresh meat / fresh fish immediately stimulate muscle building.
  • A shiny coat
    The nourishing oils contained in the food and the purity of our ingredients take care of this.
  • Less „output”
    As PLATINUM food is used optimally by the body, the dog has neither wind nor diarrhoea. Even the “little presents” they leave behind are very small and firm.
  • Perfect for the metabolism
    PLATINUM MENU contains high-quality, easily digestible proteins from 83 % fresh meat / fresh fish, which – and this is key – are not heavily denatured by heat when being prepared.

    PLATINUM MENU contains a balanced, fully digested carbohydrate content, which corresponds to the composition of the feed in the wild.

  • No intolerances or allergies
    PLATINUM is digested so easily because of its natural, healthy composition that intolerance is very rare. The metabolism is not put under strain by denatured ingredients that can cause inexplicable itching or other skin problems.

Premium packaging

Not only in the preparation without water, but also in packaging PLATINUM is following a different and innovative path.

The Tetra Recart®packaging convinces on a variety of grounds: it combines an easy manageable and innovative concept of packaging with a good environmental profile and an econonomical use of ressources.

Eco-friendly packaging

The Tetra Recart carton of PLATINUM MENU is composed of 67 % cardbox and therefore is based on two-thirds of renewable ressources. The only thing that comes from a renewable resource on a conventional tin is the paper label (3 %).


In addition, the material that is used for the Tetra Recart® carton is from FSC-certified forests and/or recycled. With this, you are choosing a product from controlled sources, that fits ambitious ecological and social standards during the manufacturing. The international environmental label of FSC guarantees a gapless tracing of the material.


The consumer behaviour is changing and with this, the demand of sustainable packaging is rising. PLATINUM is convinced, that it is important to contribute in eco-friendly packaging material.

Out of love for nature

The Tetra-Recart packaging is completely recycable. For disposal, simply fold it and dump it environment-friendly through the dual system. So the packaging can be easily used for the production of new and useful products.

Less stowage, more space

You got more storage space due to the rectangular shape of the Tetra Recart packaging. In comparison to canned wet dog food, you save 40 % of space. Further, our wet dog food is not only space-saving and lightweighted, but also shatterproof. And the Tetra Recart® packaging protects the nutrients in PLATINUM MENU while the durability of 36 months.

Lower environmental impact

The Tetra Recart® packaging is particularly lightweight - in contrast to other types of packaging (e.g. cans) it only weighs about 60 %. And due to the rectangular shape more packs fit into a truck (compared to conventional tins). With this, it also has an effect on the environmental footprint.

Carbon footprint in comparison

Compared to tins, the Tetra Recart® packaging has 81 % lower carbon dioxid emissions during the products lifecycle.

In comparision with tins or glasses, the Tetra Recart® packaging saves additional 60 % of energy during production, distribution and disposal.

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* example of conventional wet dog food (400g can) from 24.04.2020