Breeder testimonials

Numerous breeders have been raising their dogs on PLATINUM products for years now. We are always happy to read about the positive feedback and experiences that our breeders have with PLATINUM.

We would naturally like to share these experiences with you and therefore, publish them under the heading of feedback.

We look forward to any pictures and stories you may have.

Feedback from breeder Bianka Schneider, Crazy Gremlin's Löwchenzucht:

I have been breeding Lowchen for 17 years and have tried several types of „branded feed“ over these years. About 5 years ago, I tried Platinum and have stayed with it ever since. This feed is very easy to digest, and my dogs still find it just as delicious just as on the first day.

My puppy breeding:
Lowchen puppies get their milk teeth relatively late, so they can’t eat Platinum Puppy Chicken at the beginning. While the feed is quite soft, it is still very difficult to soak. My puppies get fresh meat in the form of tatar and Platinum wet feed from the 4th week after birth. At about 6 to 7 weeks, I start feeding them Platinum Puppy Chicken dry feed, which I cut into smaller pieces. From the 10th week, there is no need to cut the feed into smaller pieces.

Its digestibility is very, very good! Since I have started feeding Platinum and fresh meat, I no longer get any problems with diarrhoea and eating of faeces.
My dogs have a great shiny coat and are very healthy and happy.
My dogs also find the treats in the form of sticks and the neat little Click-Bits to be very tasty.

After so many years, I can heartily recommend this feed to any dog owner.

It also offers excellent value for money.
Keep it up!

Warm greetings from Bianka Schneider
Crazy Gremlin's Löwchenzucht

Feedback Bianka Schneider 1

Feedback from breeder Ramona Krause, LABRADORZUCHT VOM LIMBERG:

After having tried several types of feed for our pets, we are very happy to have found PLATINUM Adult Chicken.

It smells like meat and it should therefore taste like meat! It is the high proportion of fresh meat and quality ingredients, such as green-lipped mussel extract, that convinced us to use this feed and we will continue feeding it to our dogs.

It satisfies our dogs’ hunger very well, which is not so easy with Labrador Retrievers! We even use it in our daily work as a simple treat. All seven dogs and our puppies have shiny, soft fur and digest the dry feed very well, so not much comes back out again ;-) Even the change of coat, which used to be a problem for one of our female dogs, goes off without a hitch now. Its 18% residual moisture makes it a rather juicy dry food that even our finicky Boxer female dog polishes off like a Labbie.

Warm greetings from Ramona Krause & our little rascals from Limberg!

Feedback from breeder Gabriele Schöne, Shelties from Rheinhessen

I have had a very good experience feeding Platinum MENU Chicken to my puppies and I am planning to give them this food again this time around. I also use the dry feed for 6 to 7 week old puppies when they get their first teeth and start to chew.

Feedback Gabriele Schöne 1

You are welcome to visit our website at

Thanks in advance and best regards,
Gabriele Schöne
and the Shelties from Rheinhessen

Feedback Gabriele Schöne 2

Feedback from breeder Anna Sheryl Grindstaff, Ashegri's Border Collie:

I have been a dog owner for 30 years and my Border Collie breeding kennel celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2013. Over the many years, I tried out and rejected a large variety of dog feeds. Five years ago, my dogs tried Platinum - and no other processed food has been put into their bowl since then!

Feedback Anna Sheryl Grindstaff 1

Whether it is my high-performing dogs, breeding females, older dogs or puppies - all my dogs look great. The puppies, in particular, find the consistency to be perfect from the start and even as a treat, Platinum is hard to beat – both the treat sticks and the „regular” food are excellent. Although the consistency leads to deposits on the teeth in the adult dogs now and then, a chewing bone takes care of this in a jiffy.

Purchased puppies or adult dogs make the switch to Platinum in no time at all, and I have never experienced any problems with acceptance or digestion.

Feedback Anna Sheryl Grindstaff 2

The packaging in 5 kg bags is very practical both for my back and the freshness of the feed. The response is prompt in the event of complaints (so far for me the feed in one 5 kg bag showed some drying out due to an open package.... one bag out of well over 500!).

Feedback Anna Sheryl Grindstaff 3

I recommend Platinum to everyone - I have never seen better value for money and the sporting and show results of my dogs and their offspring (including a national champion in agility) speak for themselves!

Anna Sheryl Grindstaff