Healing balm for dogs and cats

Help to heal the skin

SkinCare is effective and reliable both for first aid on a wound and for therapy in all phases of wound healing. That is because SkinCare:

  • promotes natural healing process
  • soothes, acts antibacterial and moisturizing
  • eases inflammation, pain and itching

SkinCare uses the powers of nature to provide rapid aid in the case of:

  • grazes
  • bedsores
  • cuts
  • torn footpads
  • insect stings
  • scars
  • burns
  • infections

It protects the skin from environmental influences such as damp, dirt, bacteria, viruses and fungi. For example, it protects stressed footpads from cold and deicing salt.

Hautregeneration bei Hund und Katze

Your fur baby will feel the soothing effect of SkinCare right after you apply it: the balm has a relaxing effect on the skin. The skin is replenished and pampered, making it soft and flexible. Itches are relieved, and the urge to scratch, bite or lick is reduced.

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Healing of wounds & regeneration – all natural

The effectiveness of SkinCare comes from natural ingredients – safe and with no known side-effects – and the 3-COMPONENT SYSTEM:

  • Native olive oil penetrates deep into the innermost cell-building layer of skin and takes effect there – unlike many ointments that only lie on the surface of the wound. That the oil comes from olives grown on at least 300-years-old trees makes it unique. The old age of these trees is based on their high proportion of oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol – two of the most effective natural antioxidants. These are what we use for SkinCare. The skin is stimulated to renew the cells, and pro-tected from free radicals. The oil also impresses with its antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and immune-strengthening properties.
  • Natural bees wax seals the wound like a plaster and compensates for the missing skin barrier. It protects the skin from infection and has a moisturising property proven to be very effective in wound therapy. Unlike paraffin, bees wax lets the air through and thus allows the skin to breathe. It has an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and itch-reducing effect. The growth of new cells is stimulated by its high proportion of vitamin A.
  • Herbal extracts affect the skin both on the surface and deep within. In addition to their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties, herbal extracts also relieve itching and reduce swelling. This is why they have always been used for healing and home remedies against a range of skin diseases and irritations, and for skin care. They prevent and counteract skin infections.



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